NeonFlex 12v NeonFlex 240v

12/240v Continuous Flexible LED Neon Tube
Colours: White, Green, Blue,
Red, Yellow & Orange
100% Unbreakable
100% waterproof
10% energy consumption of glass neon

NeonFlex 12v NeonFlex 240v

Flexible LED Multicoloured Strip Light

RGB multicoloured flexible LED strip with remote control.
100,000 hours life. 12 volt DC. No heat.
Very easy to install. Do it yourself installation.

Flexible LED Multicoloured Strip Light

Flexible LED Strip Light

Single coloured LED strip available in red, green, blue, white and warm white.
100,000 hours life. 12 volt DC. No heat.
Very easy to install. Do it yourself installation.

Flexible LED Strip Light

Digital Breath Tester

BreathalyserLED Backlight
Auto power off
Batteries included
Low battery indication

Three convertable units:

Size: 116x45x15mm
Print size: 25x13mm

Detection range:
0.000% - 0.199%
0.0009% - 1.9909%
Mg/l BrAC
0.000 - 0.995mg/l


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The NSW Green Business Program provides $30 million over five years for projects that will save water and energy in business operations in NSW. You could use a grant for energy saving lighting. For more information go to the NSW Dept of Environment and Climate Change website or download the GUIDE FOR APPLICANTS.

Italia 01 8W MR16 RGB Globe Italia - 23 Watt shop fitter LED Street Light Series emergency lights
Italia 01 8W MR16 RGB Globe
Italia - 23 Watt shop fitter LED Street Light Series Plasma Lighting
flood lights Italia - 8W GU10 LED Ignite light led neon flex Swan Range
LED Flood Lights Italia - 8W GU10 LED Ignite LED Light
LED Neon Flex Lights SWAN Range

By using LED lighting you will help to reduce carbon emissions. Linear tube fluorescents account for over half (58%) of the combined lighting energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in Australia’s industrial, commercial and residential sectors. By using energy inefficient lighting we also increase the use of air-conditioning using even more electricity with increased carbon emission as a result.

Our LED lights are the latest in LED lighting technology. They are very energy efficient and at the same time very bright. If you want to know more about LED lights please visit our most frequently asked questions.

LED in the news

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dangers of fluorescent light bulbs now under public scrutiny.


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OFFICE workers will be packed tighter into workplaces, old buildings will be fitted with environmentally friendly lighting, and city streets will be lit up at night with efficient bulbs under an agreement between the lord mayors of every Australian capital city to reduce carbon emissions. read more

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POWER retailers, including three state-owned companies up for sale, could pocket higher profits from the price rises handed down this week. Electricity prices will jump by up to 60 per cent over the three years to 2012-13, costing some households up to $918 more a year, the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal said on Thursday. read more

nata logoLED Tube Light specifications
LED Ignite Specification  

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